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1 APRIL Tritiya Sopan Testing Camp for Scouts  held in our Vidyalaya  Pravesh, Pratham  & Dwitiya Sopan Tests, Tent Pitching, Tying Bandages, Knotting 87 Scouts  participated from different Vidyalayas 5 Scouts & 2 Guides were Qualified for Tritiya Sopan Test
Health Safety Environment Campaign Competition Results Poster Making Competition
Essay writing Competition
150 students were participated 4 Got 1st Prize,
6 got 2nd Prize &
 7 got 3rd Prize -Courtesy ONGC
Annual Day Celebration Based on a theme 'INCREDIBLE INDIA'
Dance,Songs Skits Tableau
Mass Participation Progamme was highly  appriciated by Chief Guest (Chairman of the Vidyalaya. ) &  other guests.
2 JUNE CBSE X & XII RESULT Declaration of Results X - 188
XII Science - 124
XII Commerce - 46 
The seven students are:                                                                                                                                                                          1) MAST. Harish.R (XII sci. stream)                                                                                                                              2) MAST.  Nikhil .R. (XII sci. stream) 
3)MAST. Amesh(XII sci. stream)                                                                                                                                                                                                            4)MISS Harmandeep.K. (XII sci. stream)                                                                                                                                        5) MISS Kena.P. (XII sci. stream)                                                                                                                                                       6)MISS Pratiksha (XII com. stream)                                                                                                                                                                                                                     7)MISS. Rakshanda(XII com. stream)       
who were felicitated by the Hon. HRD Min. SMT. SMRITI ZUBIN IRANI and they received certificate for 1.5%  and the first two students MAST. HARISH R. and MAST.NIKHIL R. received scholarship for their higher education by HRD and for their meritorious success. MAST.ANKIT .G. also secured 475/500 and received 1.5% top merit certificate.All seven students also got cash prize of Rs 5000/= each and merit certificate from Commissioner KVS(HQ) New Delhi.
In standard X, 29 students secured 10 CGPA with a cash award of RS 5000-/- each. 
2 JULY 41 JNNSMEE  Exhibition , quiz Studentd of Classes VII - XI Exhibits of 3 Students selected for National level.
Master  Jay Shukla of class XI participated in Science Quiz at National level at Bhuvaneswar.
Rajya Purskar Testing Camp 2014 Written Test, Knotting , Tent Piching, Tying of Bandages 5 Guids & 5 Scouts were appeared for Testing Camp 5 Guids & 5 Scouts qualified& got cerificates. 
School levelSocial Science Exhibition  Exhibits, Charts  Brochures & survey Report  Files Studets of classes VI - XI  50 Exhibits were selected for cluster level.
Kalabhaati Child Art Development  Institute, Pune Drawing Competition Classes IV - VIII Anisha - VIIIB, Nitya-IV C
 & Kajal A Bishoyi - VII  were awarded
    Kalasadhana State Level Drawing Competition Classes III -  X Shruti S. Patil - IV C,Payal Yadav VII A, Neha Survase IX A & Abhay Raj -III were awarded
3 AUGUST Cluster level Social Science Exhibition  Exhibits, Charts  Brochures & Files
Group Song Competition & Group Dance Competition, Hindi Skit & Debate
6 students of classes VIII & X 1. 20 Exhibits wre selected for Regional Level
2.Got 2nd position   in Survey Report at Regional Level.
3.Students got 1st Prize in Group Song Competition at Cluster level Social Science Exhibition  & got 3rd position at Regional level.
4   Hosted the 27th Regional Youth Parliament competition Youth Paliament competition was held and Shri Ram Sheth Thakur,Ex MP, Raigad, Mrs Sarita Naswa, Assistant Commissioner KV school (RO) Mumbai along withMrs Vineeta Narula, Principal of KV school Koliwada judged the competition.  Students from five Kendriya Vidyalaya schools namely Dhule, Varangaon, AFS Thane, BEG Pune and CME Pune participated in the event AFS Thane was selected for National Level
5   Sanskrit Week  Sanskrit Shlok Competition, Essay writing,Elocution, Group Song, Story telling & Skit Students of classes VI - X participated in different activities 1.Master Shripati of class IX got 3rd prize for 'GEETA PAATH' at Regional level competitionheld at K.V. IIT Powai.
2.1st, 2nd & 3rd Position holders were given prizes & certificates at the Vidyalaya Level.
6   Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Gyanpeeth, Aurangabad Drawing Competition   Samiksha Wasnik - VII C got best Artist Award.
7   Cluster Level & Regional Level & Sports Meet -2014  Athletics, Archery, Football, Handball, Cricket Taekwando, Lawn Tennis, Chess,Skating & Table tennis  450  students  77 students  selected for Regional level
8   Right to Education Workshop in Hindi Students with Parents & Teachers To creat awarness  towards Right to Education 
9 SEPTEMBER Junoon Teachers' Workshop Primary Teachers Successfully conducted
10 Hindi Pakhwada 1. Various pearls of wisdom were taken up to make life meaningful.
 2. Couplets and thought writing competition.
 3. Essay writing competition .
4. Poem Recitation competition.
5. Hand writing competition.
6. Group song competition.
7. Antakshari competition.
8. Picture writing for Teachers
Students of classes VI - X & Teachers participated in different activities 1st, 2nd & 3rd Position holders were given prizes & certificates at the Vidyalaya Level.
11 OCTOBER Swachh Vidyalaya Abhiyan  1. Cleaning the Classrooms, Departments, Labs and surrounding areas with the help of students (VI to XII) and teachers has been done on daily basis during Zero period 20 minutes time has been utilized fruitfully.    
2. Cleaning the Play ground & Site Area with the help of students(VI to XII) and teachers on weekly basis 40 (forty minutes) Zero period has been utilized fruitfully pm every Saturday .             
3.The following competitions were conducted for students on 18.10.2014. a) Skit on Cleanliness (VI, VII & VIII)
b) Slogan Competition Topic: Cleanliness (VI A,B,C,D)
c)Painting Competition :Cleanliness (VI A,B,C,D)
d) Speech on Cleanliness XI & XII Std students
4. Principal & students delivered speech on Cleanliness Drive and lectures were also arranged.       
5. In the entire cleaning programme, Principal , Vice-Principal, Class Teachers, Staff members & students actively took part & conducted Cleanliness Programme in a befitting manner.                      
6. Daily & Weekly Cleanliness Programme will be continued & the services guides will be utilized efficiently.    
7. Important Dignitaries are also invited Occasionally to give guest lectures on Cleanliness Programme.    
8. Cleanliness Awareness drive will be initiated by means of a) Among Students
b) In the Community by conducting Competitions, Lectures, Speeches, Rallies, Nukkad Natak Posters & Bannesrs Slogan etc.
c)Supporting Photographs of Cleanliness Drive has been attached.
12 VIGILANCE WEEK  The oath of vigilance and anti-corruption was taken  All Teaching Staff  
Banners and posters to create awareness regarding vigilance week were displayed in prime locations within the Vidyalaya premises. Mass Participation 1st, 2nd & 3rd Position holders were given prizes & certificates at the Vidyalaya Level by ONGC
A painting competition on the topic “Corruption” Mass Participation
debate competition on the topic “Will India be Corruption Free in the near Future?” Mass Participation
walkathon  75 students   
13 OCTOBER Regional Level National Children Science Congress 2014  Exhibits & Projects 12 Students One Project prepared by Miss. Manali K. of class VIII B  got selected for National Level
14 14th National Cyber Olympiad  National Level  Exam 25 students 1. Master Atul Kumar got 4th Rank at State level with medal of excellence and certificate of excellence.
2. Two  students, Samyak XB & Omkar XI B  got Gold Medal & Certificate at School Level.
15 NATIONA UNITY DAY The photograph of Sardar Vallabhai Patel was garlanded All the students and staff participated   
The oath of Unity was taken All the students and staff participated   
Two students Miss Suman , Mast. Nikhil delivered speeches in English and Hindi on Sardar Vallabhai Patel and National unity day respectively . 2 Students  
‘Run for Unity’  All the students and staff participated   
A ” Culture of India show ” was conducted by the students of primary and secondary. Festivals like Chaat puja, Dahi Handi, Navratri, Onam, loodi of the states of Bihar, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Kerala, Punjab respectively were colorfully presented. Cuisine and  attire  of these states were also presented through tableaus, dances and folk songs. Primary & Secondary students  
painting competition on the topic “ India land of festivals ”  Classes VI - VIII  
online quiz competition conducted at DPS, Nerul.                Geetanjit of class VIII C bagged 3rd Prize.
16   National  Level Sports Meet -2014   Archery,  Lawn Tennis 7 girls and 7 boys  1. In Archery Pranav Limkar bagged 3 gold and 2 silver medals.
2.Purvaja chaudhary received 3 gold medals. Purvaja,Sakashi,Sandra,Tapsvini,Geetashri these students brought laurels to the Vidyalaya and Mumbai region by bagging the  1st position at National level in archery. They received trophy for KVS Mumbai Region.
3.In archeryPranav and Purvaja are selected for SGFI (
School Games Federation Of India)
4. In lawn tennis Shristi got Bronze and got selected for
17 NOVEMBER HOMIBHABHA BALVAIDYANIKK COMPETITION National Level  Exam 16 students of classes VI & IX  1. Two Students Ashwin Jayasimhan Rao IX A &  A.V. Saisrujan selected for Practial Test.
2. 7  Students got Certificate of Merit.
18 14th National Science Olympiad  National Level  Exam 276 students   
19 National Talent Search Exam  State level Exam 35 Students of class X Results awaited
20 BALSWACHH ABHIYAN  14 November- Clean school/surrounding play area &‘Best Clean Class’  competition  All  Students & Staff Members  The winners of different categories’ were given prizes
 15 November- Clean food.
 17 November - Clean self , Doctors Talk & Dental Checkup
 18 November- Clean drinking water
 19 November- Clean toilets.
21 COMMUNAL HARMONY WEEK Skit, Poster making, Slogan writing & Rally by Scouts & Guides Students of classes  VI - X  The winners of different categories’ were given prizes 
22 JUNOON Teachers' Workshop All TGTs  Successfully conducted
23 42nd  JNNSMEE 2014 -15   Vidyalaya Science Exhibition  Students of III - XII  6 Exhibits were selected for Regional level 42nd JNNSMEE 2014 - 15
24 WEB CHAT Students intercation with famous Theatre personality Students VI - VIII Successfully conducted
25 DECEMBER WORLD AIDS DAY Street play, Poster making & Slogan writing on the topic AIDS awareness Students VI - VIII  The winners of different categories’ were given prizes by ONGC.
26 EVACUTION MOCK  DRILL Demonstration by Fire Brigade department of ONGC Whole School Successfully conducted
27 SCIENCE TALK BY FAMOUS SCIENTIST Students visited to Nehru Science Centre , Worli 14 Students of class XI  Dr. R. Mashelkar addressed students .
28 AVIATION DAY PROGRAM Quiz competition,problem solving round  & Elecution 6 studentsof class  XI &  class IX  1. Three students got 3rd position in problem solving round
2. Team of 3 girls got Award of  Excellence from IWPA
29 JUNOON - VISIT TO LOCAL AUDITORIUM  Stageplay was  presented by JUNOON artists Students VI - VIII Acqired the knowledge of stage technique & performance.
30 MATHS OLYMPAID International Maths Olympiad  by SOF 332 students from III - XII Results awaited
31 NATIOANAL CAPITAL OLYMPIAD   national Level  Exam conducted by YES Bank 18 students of class VI - X Results awaited
32 MILANTHEERTH INTER SCHOOL QUIZ COMPETETION INTER SCHOOL QUIZ COMPETETION 3 Teams participated  Junior Team got 3rd Position in Interschool competition of Navi mumbai.
33 FUNDAMENTAL QUIZ COMPETETION INTER SCHOOL QUIZ COMPETETION  BY NIE( 92 SCHOOL) 1 Student participated Qualified the written round and participated in final round and got consolation prize.
34 MATHS WEEK Talk about Bhaskara II,Maths poem,
Skit about Zero,Maths poem,
Discussion on maths phobia,
Talk about Aryabhatta,Action song on Numbers,Poem- Maths is funAction song on Numbers
Different students participated during assembly  
35 Essay writing- 17.12.2014 50 students of classes VI - XI 6 students awarded
36 Origami - 18.12.2014 40 students classes III & VI - VIII 6 students awarded
37 Poster making- 18.12.2014 90 students classes III  - XI 10students awarded
38 Quiz- 19.12.2014 24 students classes  VI - XI 18 students awarded
39 Mathematics Exhibition 29 students classes  VI - XI 5 students awarded
40 Puzzle-20 .12.2014 20 students classes  VI - XI 4 students awarded
41 Lecture on Mathematics by  Dr, I.P. Singh Ex-Principal of KVS Classes VIII - IX attended.  
42 January KVPY   Class XII Miss Moksha Joshi cleared written exam and got short listed for interview at Department of Chemistry ,IIT Mumbai. She was guided by Mrs. J. S. Pote,PGT(Chemistry) KV ONGC Panvel
43 National Science Olympiad National Level Exam 276 students from Class II-XII participated  12 students won Gold medal and got selected for Second Level National Science Olympiad